The Liberties | Maritime

  • Hoist the flag and prepare to set sail with the new Liberties Maritime Frame.

    The Liberties Maritime is handcrafted by our artisans in the USA to create a unique pair of wooden sunglasses that boldly channels the American spirit by paying tribute to Old Glory with an eye-catching red, white, and blue design.

    At TommyOwens, our artisans stack and fuse together layers of the finest quality of hand-dyed wooden veneers to create a modern and sturdy foundation for this sleek aviator frame that is rich with star-spangled color. The iconic red and white stripes and blue finish of these patriotic shades are created by hand through a process of hand layering individually finished layers of wooden veneers together. Each pair of Liberties Maritime frames are hand-finished in order to create a satiny-smooth sheen that is free of blemishes.

  • This item's measurements are:
    Frame Width 145mm
    Frame Temple 140mm
    Bridge 18mm
    Spring Hinge
    Smoke (Black) Lenses
Lens Option