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  • January 20, 2015 2 min read

    Your Guide to Our TommyOwens Special Editions Collection

    At TommyOwens Eyewear we pride ourselves on designing and producing creative, unique wood eyewear which you won’t find anywhere else. We know our customers like to buy products with that extra special touch, which is why we launch special edition wood sunglasses designs to always offer our customers products that are exclusive and original.


    Maritime Collection

    Wood Sunglasses | Maritime TommyOwens

    Embrace classical nautical design with our Navy Blue Maritime MacArthur, inspired by wooden marine designers Chris Craft. Using classic aviator style with a unique edge, these fantastic wood sunglasses have the perfect nautical quality for the beach, sailing and anywhere the water takes you. Supremely stylish, these are a must-have accessory.

    Woodland Collection

    Wood Sunglasses | Woodland TommyOwens

    Our Woodland sunglasses, available in both Green and Orange showcase one of this season’s hottest trends – camouflage. Inspired by army and other military prints, the wood used for these frames provides a slick and natural looking finish. Using a wayfarer classic design, the Woodland sunglasses make an excellent addition to any wardrobe.

    Nomad | Skateboard collection

    Wood Sunglasses | Nomad TommyOwens

    Nothing says ‘cool’ more than our Nomad sunglasses. A unique take on classic wayfarers, these retro style sunglasses have been brought right up to date thanks to this colorful Skateboard striped design which make a great use of color to create some striking effects.

    The Garter Collection

    Wood Sunglasses | Garter TommyOwens

    What better way to mix nature and color than taking inspiration from some of our most colorful creatures? The Garter is inspired by the California Red Garter Snake with its red and blue distinctive bold coloring. The result has an element of frontier chic, whilst also encompassing that festival-style look which continues to be popular year after year.


    As you can see, our Special Editions feature many original, on-trend designs which are ideal for those who enjoy showing off the latest looks while embracing high quality. All of our Special Edition wood sunglasses are designed to showcase the creativity behind the brand and are hand-crafted from high quality wood using true American craftsmanship that we are proud of.

    Our Special Editions are only around for a short period of time, so if you like what you see, be quick to snap up our limited edition wooden eyewear and enjoy some truly special sunglasses for all occasions.


    Images Captured by: Chelsea Erwin

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