About Us

Preparation is the make or break stage.

We source only the best materials for our wooden eyewear and put each piece through rigorous testing to ensure whatever leaves our facility reaches you in absolute flawless condition.

Our craftsmen work with a variety of unique woods in their journey to create a perfect finished product. Selected by hand, we examine the strength of the wood and find the most attractive grain, touching and engaging with the wood; beginning a relationship of respect and deep consideration. 

Wood lives, but it takes a craftsman to bring it to life.

Our wooden eyewear are cut, molded, sanded, and polished by the same expert woodcrafter’s hands from start to finish. It is only through this continuation of this relationship, between the craftsman and our product, that the wood is able to come to life.

Our techniques are modeled after the proven methods of woodworkers of years past, who from generation to generation, passed down unique ways of withstanding any condition. Our wooden eyewear is lightweight, flexible, extremely durable, uniquely varnished—and built to last.

The final step is often the most crucial.

What really establishes the superiority of our finished piece, helping it stand head and shoulders above other mass-produced versions, is our final touch. After hours of handcrafting, we carefully incorporate stainless steel spring hinges to ensure a comfortable and forgiving fit. Next we inlay two steel bars into the temples of each pair, creating our signature logo and also marking our official seal of approval.

The finished wooden eyewear frame is then buffed into a high-grade lustrous finish and carefully inspected a final time to ensure it meets our standards. Only now is your TommyOwens wooden eyewear ready to be worn.

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