About Us

"They’re all the same".

I actually said this aloud while fidgeting with a pair of glasses I owned. Holding them in my hand I couldn’t help but notice how over the years, the pairs I have accumulated just felt so— similar. The designs, the colors, the tones, the materials, they all just felt monotonous. I decided I would try something different.

I’ve always loved fashion and working with my hands, so this quest to design and shape a pair of glasses would hopefully be fun and interesting. And it was. I started with sketches. Doodles turned into more detailed drawings which then led me to prototyping. I can actually make these. After a family trip to my brother in law’s farm in Southern Georgia, I became instantly inspired—Wood. 

It’s natural. It’s beautiful. It’s different.

I could shape it, stain it, cut it, dye it, mold it. I was obsessed. I spent days and nights in my dimly lit garage shaping scraps of wood for hours. Experimenting and playing until I ultimately came up with my first pair.

It’s a feeling I’m still trying to describe. When your vision and your craftsmanship are finally on the same page, magic happens.